New Single, "One Love Song," Released!

Michaela Anne - One Love Song cover.jpg

My new tune, "One Love Song," is officially out in the world! You can find it on SpotifyiTunes, Google Play Music, or any other outlet of your choosing. Many thanks to Rolling Stone for premiering the track (they beautifully sum up the track below)! You can check out the song and read their full review here.

"Some people need quiet conversation or a long walk on the beach to sow the seeds of love - and others just need to dance. That phenomenon of the right song setting the heart afire is chronicled by Michaela Anne on her new track... 'One Love Song' is classic country for the modern age, where a little George Jones on the jukebox can drown out even the loudest mobile alerts."

This song is particularly special to me because honky tonks, country music and dancing have always had a big presence in my life. I wrote this song with my friend Maya de Vitry from the band the Stray Birds, and we intentionally wanted to try and capture that feeling of falling in love in a bar, over a dance, Urban Cowboy style. It's inspired by the notion of how quickly things can change in ones heart and through music. For me, it's a song of romantic hope, set in a dirty, dim lit bar with George Jones' aching voice as the soundtrack.

This past year I've been touring a lot with Sam Outlaw who's based in Los Angeles so I've been going to CA more often and been working with a lot of the musicians who play or have played in his band. I got together with a group of those musicians to record the tune out in Echo Park since we'd been playing it together. It features Elijah Ocean and Molly Jenson on vocals, Stephen Musselman on guitar, Aaron Goodrich on drums and Dan Destiny on fiddle.

"'One Love Song' showcases Anne's delicate vocal power, which can range from a strong, heartstring-tugging belt to a plainspoken whisper alongside her gift for simple, cutting lyrics. 'It only takes one love song,' she sings as the fiddle wails along and the drummer marches in a soft shuffle." -Rolling Stone