"Your Cheatin' Heart" Released Today!

Your Cheatin Heart Low Res.jpg

For your Valentine's Day enjoyment, I am officially releasing my version of Hank Williams' "Your Cheatin' Heart!" Thanks to The Boot for sharing the track and describing it as "a lush, yearning take that does Hank Sr. proud."

I've always been drawn to dark, sad songs and Hank Williams is the king of these. Country music often highlights the pitfalls of our human behavior, the heartache and pain that some of us just seem more prone to in life.

This is one of the first Hank Williams songs I covered with a band, and I've been playing it at my live shows for years now. I'm proud to finally release it into the world and hope you enjoy my take on this classic.

Download or stream "Your Cheatin' Heart" on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play Music or any other outlet of your choosing. Enjoy!