In addition to her work as a performer, Michaela is a noted music instructor and lecturer.

Michaela received a BFA in Jazz Vocal Performance from the New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music as well as a BA in Social Inquiry from Eugene Lang College in New York, NY. After tutoring through college, Michaela began offering private lessons in 2009. Her focus was on Vocal technique, health and performance as well as beginner guitar, piano and songwriting with clients ranging in age from 4 to 60. She has worked in New York City public schools through various arts programs including Brooklyn Philharmonic's SmartArts, providing music classes to under-served students ages kindergarten through 8th grade. Michaela's lessons are currently split between New York City and her current home of Nashville, TN.

In addition to private lessons, Michaela regularly offers workshops and lectures around the country on songwriting, vocal performance and technique as well as vocal health. Combining both of Michaela's degrees, her topics can range from strictly music based to having a broader focus including lectures on caring for yourself, nurturing self-esteem and using music and one's voice as a creative outlet and a vital, healthy source for expression.

pictured l-r: Vocal workshop @ the Jalopy Theater in Brooklyn, NY (Oct. '15), delivering a speech and performance at Culver Academy's CWC (Culver Women's Celebration) to high school students (March '14), facilitating a panel with songwriters Jim Lauderdale, Bruce Robison and Jon Vezner during Folk Alliance (Feb. '14), in the classroom with students at Culver Academy (Jan. '15)

Notable Lectures & Events

Private lessons - 2009 to present
Folk Alliance - 2013
Miles of Music Camp - 2013 to 2015
Culver Academy - 2014 to 2015 (view Michaela's talk here)

Published Work

First Lessons - Voice, Mel Bay (2011)
The Singer/Songwriter Manual, Mel Bay (2012)
Killer Technique: Voice, Mel Bay (2013)


"Michaela taught my 2 children Piano, Guitar & voice for over 2 years. Zach was 12 and Zeren was 8 at the time.  She is very patient with children and was able to identify where their strengths were and tap into their passions for music individually, for my son rock & roll and for my daughter country folk…two very different genres but Michaela was able to handle them both successfully.  Michaela is a disciplined teacher and set her expectations with the kids directly and they both loved her.  Her overall musical ability allowed my daughter to finally feel comfortable singing in front of others and nurtured her to the point where she felt confident enough to actually sign up for her schools talent show!  I highly recommend Michaela to anyone looking for a GREAT music teacher, wish she never left NYC “

- Tahira, parent of students, Brooklyn, NY

“I have only wonderful things to say about Michaela as my voice teacher. In the two years I studied with her in Brooklyn I not only improved my technique; I learned to sing from my heart, connect deeply with the lyrics, find my unique voice, and most importantly to me, to relax, get over my fears and nerves and just enjoy singing. Honestly, sometimes I think it was more therapy than lesson. She just has this way of making you feel safe and opening you up, and then you discover all these beautiful places in your voice you didn’t know were there. She is awesome. The best. Can’t recommend her enough.”

 - Mark, adult student, Brooklyn, NY

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Songwriting Accolades

Telluride Troubador finalist - 2012 & 2013
Merlefest's Chris Austin Songwriting Competition finalist - 2013
Kerrville New Folk contest - 2013

"She writes about the highs and lows of love with insight that exceeds her years. Her soprano is reminiscent of Emmylou Harris and Dolly Parton, and her songwriting shows promise of reaching those heights, too."
-CMT Edge

References available upon request

To inquire about private lessons, please contact Michaela directly through e-mail
To inquire about workshops, lectures or other booking requests, please contact Jimmy Rhine @ Five Head Entertainment.