kind words about michaela anne and bright lights and the fame


"On her latest album, Bright Lights And The Fame, Michaela Anne works through weepers and hits the honky-tonks as every great country singer should. Song after song, her confidence and conviction shine through without casting a shadow on her craft. Rodney Crowell even makes a cameo appearance on "Luisa," further solidifying her dirt-road cred."


"Lovelorn resignation is true to the spirit of this album, a healthy dose of the new oldfangled country and Michaela Anne’s self-confident first statement since moving from Brooklyn to Nashville two years ago. A former military brat with a sweet, steady voice and a songwriter’s alert emotional intelligence, she’s a formalist but not inflexible — unbroken even when her songs run bleak or bittersweet, which is most of the time."

- The New York Times

"Enter Michaela Anne, who has come out of nowhere as our saving grace, our angel, the person who will help usher us into a new age with her latest album Bright Lights and Fame." 

- Noisey by Vice

"A collection of honky-tonkers and poignant ballads, the record evokes the country-rock sound of the Eagles and the emotional vocals of Linda Ronstadt and Emmylou Harris."

- Rolling Stone Country

"Michaela and Bright Lights ultimately display a lot of depth and diversity, with the melodies becoming more enriching with each listen, and her voice displaying incredible strength and emotion in moments, especially when she holds out notes in the higher register. Michaela Anne is more than just a pretty-faced firecracker in some vintage-inspired duds. There’s some really developed songwriting, structure, and themes here, while not forgetting to have a good time."

- Saving Country Music

“'Luisa' is an energetic highway rambler about hitchhiking to Sacramento. Bolstered by aggressive honky-tonk guitar, rich pedal steel, and a casually commanding lead vocal, it bodes well for Michaela’s upcoming Bright Lights And The Fame.”

- Stereogum

"Since the release of her debut album To Know Where in 2011, Michaela Anne has been making people take notice. With introspective songwriting, Anne showed a propensity for vulnerable, true-to-life songs that revealed an artist poised to accomplish even more. And she has..On Bright Lights, Anne’s lyrical wit still takes front and center, but now, her songs are infused with a heavy dose of edge, moving seamlessly from honky-tonk barn-burners to personal ballads that seem straight from the pages of her diary. In many ways, the album is Anne’s way of welcoming listeners into her music, just as she was welcomed into Music City.

- The Boot, "2018 Artist to Watch"

“Even without a full band to back her up, Anne delivered a strong honkytonk punch playing songs off her 2016 record Bright Lights and the Fame, and a few new ones, too. Her voice is something to behold, clear and bright with a little twang. Anne’s songs vary between breaking your heart and making you cry, and sweet kiss-offs with plenty of attitude.”

- Glide Magazine, concert review

kind words about michaela anne and ease my mind

Across Ease My Mind, Anne writes about the highs and lows of love with insight that exceeds her years. Her soprano is reminiscent of Emmylou Harris and Dolly Parton, and her songwriting shows promise of reaching those heights, too." 

- CMT Edge

"Michaela Anne's lovely album Ease My Mind is full of plain-spoken songs of romantic regret and small-town longing, written by her and sung in a sweet voice."

- The New York Times

"A new era has begun in the New York City borough of Brooklyn, one in which folk and roots music have become the area's truest "sound". Michaela Anne might have something to do with that. Ease My Mind is chock full of Americana-driven tunes that will have you laughing, dancing and weeping alone to yourself on the E Train."

- The Bluegrass Situation

"Anne's sophomore set proves she's a singer with all the polish and confidence of a seasoned star. Ease My Mind is filled with country comforts, a soothing salve for anyone's troubled soul."

- No Depression

"Ease My Mind is the sweet, heavy-hearted story of a young singer recently disillusioned by the trials and tribulations of love, her family, and her city. Brooklyn's country gem croons these disappointments with a sadness readily combatted by grace and power, offering all of the simplicity of a true country album with the complexity of being young in a big city." 

- The Deli NYC

"The climate turned country as new Nashvillian Michaela Anne took the stage. Petit and stylish in a western vest and boots, her voice more than matched in its clarity and confidence. Most of us were hearing her songs for the very first time and they were catching, absorbing and streaked with country for Michaela to emerge among the cool new female voices in traditional country, along with Kelsey Waldon, Angaleena Pressley and Ashley Monroe. It's a good time for the soul-children of Loretta and Tammy."

Craig Havighurst, Music City Roots

"The songs on Ease My Mind are insightful, emotional stories delivered by an ethereal, clear and honest voice that draws you in and holds you there for the duration of the record."

- The Daily Country

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